whitney browne photography

whitney browne photography


I feel a bizarre, precarious delight, in being alive, now, in this, my body.

Rigor is in my blood. I am constantly slowing and softening, shedding and opening myself to be moved by the beauty of everyday, mystical experiences.

A good love song makes me cry.

I am understanding how to recognize family. I am beginning to act upon the desire to help gather, care for, and cherish my people. I am seeking truth, and choosing clarity when engaging with the worlds within and around me.

I am preparing for the death of this body. I often imagine responding to the name Fana Ife Hilarie Fraser, after my death. How might my family still call out for me?

I remember the terror of being born on May 10th, 1987 at 11:42pm in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

I am always pondering how to begin and where to begin and when to begin again.

November 3, 2018.