Has this ever happened to you? 

You are sitting comfortably in a closed space at a private event. A couple walks by and sits next to you. A man and a woman. The woman sits in the center, you are on her right. There is a brief, pleasant introduction between you and them. Shaking of hands, polite smiles. You sit back into your thoughts, and the man rests his arm around the woman’s shoulders. 

Suddenly, you feel a gentle brushing against your left upper arm. It lingers. You get a little confused.

“Am I crazy? Am I imagining this right now?”

You shift uneasily. Reposition yourself.

“I’m bugging out. I need to relax.”

A few breaths later, you feel it again. You look down at your left upper arm. You see the man's long fingers reaching, quietly stroking the soft of your skin.

Nauseous, you jerk forward, elbows digging into shaky knees, chin propped in trembling hands, mind racing, remembering the time when something like this happened before.