I completed my first project on Skillshare! For the fall, I've decided to work on character illustration and figuring out how I can use the exaggeration and absurdity of animation to portray nuanced feelings. 

I took Christine Fleming's Character Illustration: From Feelings to Faces class and tried to complete each image in about one minute - lots of practice necessary. 

Also, finally realized that I should scan my images instead of taking dimly lit photos with my iPhone. 

So obvious in retrospect...

The heist scene in Morty's apartment from the movie "The First Wives Club" is one of my favorite scenes ever! The physical comedy by the actors is just exquisite. Every beat is brilliantly timed, and the rhythm and pacing of the dialogue in this ludicrous plot make the slapstick performances hysterical and timeless. A perfect go-to whenever I need some comedy inspiration. 

Here are a couple clips!