LAByrinth honours the powerful, intuitive and knowing voice of *EVERY BODY*. Using durational improvisations and theatre games, LAB is designed to explore physical storytelling impulses. LAB is a space to listen deeply to the intricate bacchanal of the body. A space for curiosity, imagination and disruption. For DOUBT and compassion. Festering and shedding. For stillness. For rebirth and rooting, blooming. For macoing and straight talk. A space for wildness. For madness. For something, anything, nothing.

LAB is open to everyone.




Class will draw from various modern dance techniques and a range of somatic practices. Emphasis will be placed on: establishing healthy alignment and use of the breath; increasing strength, flexibility and co-ordination; exploring rhythm and dynamic range; examining spatial awareness as solo performers and while working in a group; preparing the body and heart for performance. The class begins with extensive center work, followed by movement across the floor, and ending with a lush, moving “modern dance” combination.