LAB is a workshop space that honors our powerful, intuitive, and knowing bodies. Using theatre games, music, movement, and journaling, LAB is designed to explore storytelling impulses. LAB is a space to listen deeply to the intricate bacchanal of the body. A space for curiosity, imagination, and disruption. For DOUBT and compassion. Festering and shedding. For stillness. For rebirth and rooting, blooming. For observation, reflection, and dialogue. A space for wildness. For madness. For fun. For something, anything.

Red LAB is crafted for performers and performance makers.
Orange & Purple LAB centers black, brown, and queer communities.


Class will draw from various modern dance techniques and a range of somatic practices. Emphasis will be placed on: establishing healthy alignment and use of the breath; increasing strength, flexibility and co-ordination; exploring rhythm and dynamic range; examining spatial awareness as solo performers and while working in a group; preparing the body and heart for performance. The class begins with extensive center work, followed by movement across the floor, and ending with a lush, moving “modern dance” combination. 

Modern Dance can be geared towards dance students of all ages and stages.


As a private performance mentor, I offer thoughtful and honest feedback to your questions and concerns. I work from a place of love, deep curiosity, rigor, and joy. We will work together to strengthen listening and observation skills, gather courage to approach material, and ground presence to respond as necessary to ever changing real and imagined situations, feelings, and desires.

i spy PRIVATE MENTORING is available to anyone. This is an especially great resource for artists, athletes, teachers, organizers, journalists, activists, and anyone seeking more soulfulness in their life.